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"We are committed to providing you and yours with a total wine experience."
- Carlo Bonavita, Founder of the Springfield Wine Exchange
The Campagna region, in southern Italy, has strong history links to wine and vineyards dating back centuries. Its wine production was influenced over those years by the of ancient empires of the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines. Campagna’s name comes from Campania felix, a Latin phrase roughly meaning "happy land” and it is also the place that Carlo’s family calls home.

Wine had always played an important role in the Bonavita family. Sunday gatherings of family and friends often included homemade or really special wines that enhanced the meals and the conversations. From a young age, Carlo was drawn to the wine industry working with his father, mother and brother in their wine shops. It became a way of life.

The opening of Springfield Wine Exchange in October of 2021 was the realization of Carlo’s dream is to bring a total wine experience to the region. He has assembled a collection of wines that are sourced and hand-selected from growers around the world from everyday affordable to fine and rare collectibles. Insert your text here

PJ Alexander - Sommelier

After traveling across Europe in his mid-twenties, he had the opportunity to visit many vineyards. He was intrigued by the alchemy and tradition of transforming grapes into wine - the passion of the growers & winemakers were captivating. Soon after, he took the role of assistant to the wine cellars at ‘Christ Church’ in Oxford.

From that point, the journey into wine and service became intense. Being around the tradition of the Butler and Oxford culture led him to a deep education in the study of ‘Sommelerie.’ After a few years, he joined ‘Wadham College’ as a Cellarman and went deeper still. At this time there were many the opportunities to explore the wine regions of Europe and meet fantastic producers at seminars, visits and tasting events across the UK and further afield.

After some time, he felt the need to go further into Sommelerie and from there joined an exclusive, intense and intimate Sommelier course in Bordeaux. He got the chance to join a winery team during the harvest and fermentation stages, to learn from amazing, unique teachers, traditional Sommelier and wine personalities as well as further exposure to the great wineries of France.

From there, Aspen called...he spent a season as the Sommelier at the ‘St. Regis Hotel’ there. Soon after, he joined the ‘Sonnenalp Resort’ in Vail and became part of the ‘Taste of Vail’organisation team. The Colorado Rockies are home to a great amount of gastronic talent and a fantastic place to learn and experience wine culture.

Then came the Ocean House in Rhode Island, where he took the role of Sommelier and wine educator. He worked with Chef Jacob Jasinski and his team. A spell at the ‘Philadelphia Country Club’ followed before joining Chef Jasinski again in Naples, Florida to open a fine-dining restaurant.

‘La Nouvelle Maison’ is a special restaurant in Boca Raton, owned and operated by talented, industry veterans. PJ spent a few years there transforming the wine program and learning from the people around him. They were recognized in the top 100 restaurants on Open Table several years in a row. A mark of great team work.

Pj has spent time as a consultant, educator and wine broker for private clients. This has taken him across Florida and Texas.
In June 2021, he took the role of Sommelier at an exclusive, private Club in Boston. He also works as a consultant for wine programs and for private clients, to build personal cellars and wine collections. He is also an active Judge for magazines as well as writing about the world of wine.